Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dublin approaches

Tomorrow morning (12th Aug) I am travelling to the fair city of Dublin - capital of the Republic of Ireland. The reason for my journey (every journey has a reason - although often this may not be apparent until the trip has been completed) anyway the reason is for a 'stag' weekend for a friend and former work colleague.
The stag w/e has become an affectionate part of the British way of life and in recent years I have visited such wonderous delights as Glasgow, Brigton, Sheffield, Bristol and Southend on these.
The normal course of action for a stag do is to arrive at destination early Friday evening and head straight to a local bar for some light ales and a 'quiet night' in anticipation of Saturday's events. Inevitably, drinks flow fast and as gentleman (many of whom have nothing in common other than being relations/friends/colleagues of 'the stag') become aquainted, so the night gets ugly and finishes far later than planned.
Often events will be booked for Saturday (afternoon) such as paintballing, karting, clay pigeon shooting or other manly pursuits where the stag (and often his best man) cannot possibly win. These will be followed by beers and unhealthy meat products in a public house then a rapid dash to the accomodation (for those that can be bothered) to change - for what? Not for dinner but for more beers and the obligatory niteclub (sic).
Sunday morning rolls up and farewells are said - for some they may not meet again but for many the next time they come face to face will be in the cramped pews of a church when, upon spotting a familiar face from the stag do they give 'the nod' and introduce each other's better halves with a knowing wink.
And so it goes. Dublin is a beautiful city (by day), by night I wonder what will behold.

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