Monday, June 26, 2006

The Beautiful Game???


I am a bad person - I promise one thing and then do not deliver (much like the England football team).
I said I would complete a report of my travels to Chicago on my return. I have been back over 2 months.

So, what of Chicago? Well for the first few days of my trip I was staying in 'the 'burbs' - commuter town of Evanston to the north of the city. This was a fairly affluent area of Chicago and notable for it's complete absence of tourists.
I made a couple of trips in to the windy city for some sightseeing - wonderful views on a clear day from the skydeck of the Sears tower being most notable. Also a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo with the family. This I had very mixed feelings about. Whilst some areas - partucuarly the monkey/gorilla enclosures and the polar bear pool - where well laid out and maintained, others such as the big cat house were frankly a disgrace.
The sight of adult leopards and tigers pacing backwards and forwards, round and round was distressing to say the least.

On a brighter note however, the weather during my stay was condusive to outside activities and held until the wedding of the year at the Chicago Hilton and Towers which was a resounding success. I even managed to get the groom to the service on time and avoided offending any of the American guests with my typical English sense of humour...even the bride's mother!

Anyway, Chicago is now a distant memory and the whole of the UK if not the world has become engrossed in the World Cup...what hope have we got??

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