Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Challenge!

It's been quite some time since my last musings on this blog. However, the time is right to revive it and share with the world my thoughts as I train for the next adventure in my travelling life.

On Friday 14th May an intrepid group of cyclists will set out (via train first of all) to complete the ~200miles from York back home to Saffron Walden. Why? We are raising funds for a group of young people to travel to Brazil in the August 2010 with the charity Youth with a Mission.

So far, the training has been going well. I am up around 80miles per week but still have some way to go before we set out in just over 6 weeks time!

Favourite routes so far tend to lead out over the (relative) hills around Elmdon and Chrishall near to home. A typical ride being 15 - 20 miles with another 10 or so on top at the weekends.

My trusty steed will be my Genesis hybrid currently fitted out with ultra thin Continental road tyres but in need of something a little hardier for the trip itself.

As for my fellow riders? Well so far signed up alongside myself we have Simon Mattholie, Chris Winfield, Nick Jones, Peter Wilson, Barry Morton and Paul Cubitt. With hopefully more to follow.

You can also follow our progress on our facebook page

More news soon!

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