Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two punctures and a sore backside

Tough week or so on the bike.

Some good riding last week with a 34 mile trip back from Wicken Fen followed by some work at the gym and a commute home from Stevenage (32 miles). Then a 50mile round trip at the weekend with 3 of the group which was rather drawn out due to some differing riding speeds (glorious weather was a a treat though). Plan for this week had been to transfer bike into work on Monday then cycle home and back in following morning. Monday evening commute took a hit when I picked up a rapid puncture halfway in Buntingford - no problem, fixed in 15 minutes but meant a rush home to see the kids before bed.
Following morning with sore legs (bad sign) struggled as far as Brent Pelham (14 miles) before another puncture (same tyre) put paid to the trip - no more spare inner tubes. A call home to the wife (on a borrowed phone having forgotten my mobile and the telephone box being out of order) and arrival at work 90 minutes late rather dampened my spirits.
On the plus side, new tyres arrived (and have been fitted) which should provide better protection on the roads. Unfortunately, new shoes were too small so have been returned and next size up are on the way.
Will try and get out to test the tyres tomorrow evening before a group ride on Saturday afternoon. Only 3 weeks to go now...cripes.

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