Monday, May 03, 2010

Not Long Now!

Been having some computer problems recently preventing me from updating things.

Anyway training has been going pretty well for the last week or so. A few big group rides which have worked out ok and plenty of other stuff inbetween - been ytackling the hills between home and Royston a couple of times last week on a commute. Tough day today tho' with a hefty headwind for a good 15 miles home really took it out of me. Sore back and neck rather curiously however this evening!?

On the plus side, now fully kitted out. New shoes have arrived in the correct size and have been tested out. Only a couple of minor accidents so far, one on day 1 after 10 miles without stopping then forgetting to unclip at a junction, cue comedy sideways fall, at least no-one saw me! Second one was less inconspicuous - during a stop on thr group ride on Saturday - in front of everyone!

So, into the final full week of training. Plan is gym on Tuesday then ride to and from Cambridge on Wednesday, Royston commute on Thursday and gym again on Friday. Hoping to have a final group ride again next Saturday before the bike goes into Newdales for a final check over.


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